ECOALLIANCE systematically and effectively carries out work on creation, research, and optimization of catalyst compositions, modeling of car exhaust gases conversion systems on the basis of long experience in the sphere of catalysis, achievements of own scientific school and Russian scientists.

High professional skills of ECOALLIANCE specialists and scientific production basis enable to perform successfully development and production of advanced technology products equal to world analogues.


R&D trends:

  1. Development of high-activity and stable coatings for unit-type catalysts designed for utilization of harmful exhaust emissions of gasoline, diesel and gas engines
  2. Development of materials with desired properties and production technology.
  3. Improvement of forming of catalysts active layers.
  4. Design development and modeling of catalytic converters, close-coupled catalysts.
  5. Development of catalysts "canning" in a case.
  6. Production of catalytic converters prototypes.

In 2016-2017 test basis modernization was held in ECOALLIANCE to fulfil development and engineering tasks for exhaust gases conversion systems for Euro 6 and perspective ecological requirements. Up-to-date HORIBA VULCAN II chassis dynamometer is mounted to carry out tests of catalyst installed into a car, including sampling system, gas-analysis system, control system. PEMS (portable emissions measurement system) is started up for carrying out tests under real road conditions (Real Driving Emissions).