Ecoalliance is the leading Russian company that produces catalytic systems for neutralizing exhaust gases and provides the possibility of producing environmentally friendly vehicles and industrial stationary installations.


The competitive advantage of Ecoalliance is the preservation of more than 20 years of leading positions in the market of catalytic car neutralizers due to the introduction of its own newest developments.

Ecoalliance has its own research division, which develops new types of catalysts and improves existing ones.

Ecoalliance has its own complete technological cycle - from the development of the catalyst to the serial production of catalytic converters of exhaust gases.

Long-term cooperation of Ecoalliance with leading automobile companies allowed to create an algorithm for the development and production of catalytic converters for each new model of the car, to work out the technology of flexible production, supply logistics in Russia, Europe and China.

Ecoalliance is the only specialized company in Russia that provides a range of services for the greening of vehicles for automotive enterprises.

It is with the Ural catalysts Ecoalliance that domestic cars for the first time in Russia have passed international certification for compliance with world environmental standards. Thanks to this, an absolutely new market of automotive components has appeared in Russia - automobile catalysts.

In Europe, hundreds of thousands of Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat cars are equipped with catalysts produced by the Russian company EKOALYANS. Not one thousand cars with catalysts Ecoalliance can be found in China.

Ecoalliance — a unique complex for the production of catalysts, whose mission was and is the solution of the problem of the ecology of vehicles, industrial stationary sources.