Quality Management System

The fundamental principle of Ecoalliance company's activity is guaranteed quality and its constant improvement.
The company is certified for compliance with international standards QS-9000; ISO 9001; ISO / TS 16949 and special automotive QSB standards; ASES

2001 year – ISO 9001:1994 & QS-9000:1998 (first in Russia)
2005 year – ISO 9001:2000
2007 year – ISO/TS 16949:2002
2010 year – ISO/TS 16949:2009
2012 year – ISO/TS 16949-Third edition
2013 year – QSB (requirements of the Corporation General Motors)
2014 year – ASES (Concern requirements Renault-Nissan-Avtovaz)

Quality policy

Ecoalliance carries out the design, development, production and supply of products for neutralization of exhaust gases (catalysts, catalytic converters) for the automotive industry.

The main direction in the field of quality is to maintain the reputation of a supplier of quality, competitive products in the domestic and international markets.

Activities Ecoalliance in the field of quality is based on the principles:

  • Creation of reliable and safe products, guaranteed compliance of its parameters and characteristics of the current normative and technical documentation and the requirements of consumers accepted for execution
  • Full and timely satisfaction of the requirements and requests of consumers in compliance with existing regulatory and technical documents
  • Address the needs and expectations of stakeholders.  
  • Ensuring compliance with QMS requirements & nbsp; ISO 9001, IATF & 16949 & nbsp; and its continuous improvement.
  • Prevent the appearance of any product mismatch at all stages of its creation from design to fabrication and maintenance
  • Continual improvement of the quality of products, processes, and enhancement of the effectiveness of the quality management system
  The management intends to strictly follow the stated principles and for its part undertakes:
  • Ensure the effective functioning and continuous improvement of the QMS operating in the Ecoalliance that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, IATF & 16949
  • Maintain QMS Eco-Alliance in working order and facilitate its further improvement at all levels of management
  • Allocate the necessary financial, technical, human and material resources
  • Apply a "process approach" when improving QMS.
  • Apply risk-oriented thinking to achieve the effectiveness of QMS

The Ecoalliance team undertakes to work as one team and hopes for mutual understanding and cooperation with consumers and other interested parties.

Source: Quality Manual STO 3 2018

Cars equipped with Eco-Alliance catalysts are certified in international laboratories in Europe, Japan, China for compliance with environmental standards.