What is a catalytic converter?

Why it is necessary to install catalysts?

Automotive catalytic converter is a unique product that ensures meeting ecological norms and correspondingly is in charge of car ecological safety.

Catalytic converter, what is it?

Catalytic converter (a part of exhaust system) is designed to reduce harmful substances in car exhaust emission.

While working internal combustion engines produce harmful substances:

  • СО-carbon monoxide
  • НС-hydrocarbons
  • NOx - nitrogen oxides

These substances are recognized to be environmentally harmful, and legislation obliges to reduce their amount.

Catalytic converter is a "honeycomb" ceramic or metallic base covered with substances-catalysts and packed into metallic case.

Operating principle of catalytic converters consists in chemical conversion of polluting substances into ecologically acceptable compounds by means of catalysis.

Application of catalytic converters is a sole commercial effective means that allows to improve car ecological performance and ensures meeting emission technical standards.