The Automotive Catalysis in Russia Forum 2021

Organized by TVEL, JSC forum the “Automotive Catalysis in Russia” took place on 30.09.2021.
The forum became a convenient platform for communication with technical specialists and buyers of automakers represented in Russia.
Reports of Ecoalliance representatives and partners:
Taras Pekarskii Russian Autocatalysts 30.09.21
Sergey Denisov Catalysts Testing 30.09.21.
Evgeny Alikin Catalysts Development 30.09.21
A.Vedyagin Science Linkage of Automotive Catalysts 30.09.21
Givi Nadareyshvili Catalysts for ЕМП Project 30.09.21
Aleksey Terenchenko Euro-6 Implementation in EAEU 30.09.21